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‘She Will Do Whatever She Can to Get Ahold of My Assets’: Kel Mitchell’s Current Wife Dragged Into Nickelodeon Star’s Messy Divorce Battle

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Here we go again: Kel Mitchell‘s current wife, Asia Mitchell, has officially been dragged into the bitter post-divorce battle between her husband and his first wife, Tyisha Hampton.The Nickelodeon alum has been going back and forth for years in court dealings with a number of acrimonious claims from his ex-wife. Kel and Tyisha were married from 1999 to 2005 and they share two children, Lyric, 23, and Allure, 22. Tyisha initiated the divorce by filing and she has repeatedly accused her ex-husband of owning her millions in back child and spousal support.The 44-year-old was even called out on social media by his ex and his daughter, who both painted him as an absentee father who didn’t see his kids for a decade after their split. Back in 2021, Tyisha claimed she went to jail for IRS debt that the entertainer himself acquired, per The Shade Room.