Shocked Man Accepts April Fool’s Day Marriage Proposal

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By Clint Confehr NASHVILLE, TN — A community advocate pulled an April Fool’s Day joke on the man she loves by luring him to a church and proposing marriage in front of relatives. “I was shocked,” says David Baugh, now the happy fiancé of Clemmie Greenlee, founder of Moms Over Murder which met April 1 in Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church on 33rd Avenue North. Greenlee planned the surprise for about a month. Baugh was called to help set up a church meeting. Relatives hid in adjoining rooms before he arrived and then quietly crept in as Greenlee distracted Baugh. “April Fool,” she told him dropping to her left knee and opening a ring box. Of course he said yes. They’d talked about it, but he didn’t expect 40 witnesses. “They got me good,” Baugh said. “And you’ve got to be pretty slick to pull one over on me. “Then I saw my family. I hadn’t seen … some in more than 10 years. It brought tears to my eyes. She brought family together … There was so much joy,” Baugh said. His brother, James Baugh of Madison, said he didn’t know how the couple met, adding, “It’s a good thing...