Shouting out loud: Not to free the elderly from prison now is elder abuse

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“Why are so many prisoners dying?” – Art: Arkee Chaney, A71362, P.O. Box 1700, Galesburg IL 61401 by Kenneth Moore Remarkably, in this unprecedented time, I’ve noticed that reformers large and small in California have rallied to the call for judicial and prison reforms in record numbers. My family and I applaud all who have lent their voices and talents to this critical movement. A special thanks to the SF Bay View, Initiate Justice and the Ella Baker Center.& And, for those in positions of power in this state who, for whatever reasons, choose to ignore public calls and demands for change, know that united grassroot forces will seize every opportunity to SHOUT OUT LOUD as a reminder the long, ugly history that makes these and other reforms a dire necessity. Reform /ri form/ vb 1: to make better or improve by removal of faults; 2 reform n: improvement or correction of what is corrupt or defective (emphasis added). In this nation’s history, Californians have proudly led the way when petitioning for change, whether the cause be civil rights, women’s rights, prisoners’ rights or LGBT rights, this state’s activists have always stood on the front lines, ready to sacrifice life...