Sickle Cell Disease: More than Growing Pains (LIVE)

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In this special program titled “Sickle Cell: More than Growing pains”, Dr. Reed Tuckson hosts a panel discussion with experts in the field of sickle cell disease. The panelists include Dr. Tamiya Austin, Dr. Yvette Miller, Dr. Laventrice Ridgeway, and Dr. Kim Smith-Whitley. The discussion explores various aspects of sickle cell disease, including its effects on red blood cells, complications such as pain crisis, and the difference between sickle cell disease and trait. The gravity of health concerns associated with sickle cell disease, such as strokes and amputations, is also addressed. The panelists discuss the unique challenges faced by adolescents with sickle cell disease, including responsibility for their own healthcare and physical stigma. They emphasize the importance of community support and advocacy for better research and treatment. The conversation also delves into the challenges faced by college students and provides advice on navigating crucial life phases while managing sickle cell disease. The panelists stress the importance of health services in educational institutions and having a supportive treatment team. They urge individuals with sickle cell disease to speak up about their pain and challenges and advocate for their needs in school and social settings. The panelists also discuss the potential risks...