Singer Betina Fassie speaks about dismissal from record label


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By BigEyeUg WriterArtiste Bettina Nassanga famously known as Fassie is not moved by the fact that she has been fired from the Savaam music Record label. The singer who is famously known for the “Bamungamba” collaboration with Da Agent told our sources that she is not moved by management’s decision to get rid of her. Bettina says that she is solely unbothered because they were not doing all it takes to help her earn from her music. She is accused of violating her contractual terms by disrespecting her bosses and offering collaborations to other artistes without the knowledge of her management. Bettina goes on to explain that ever since she joined the record label in 2019, the management has been going against the terms of her contract by failing to pay her rent and feed her. For her, this is when the red flag was raised. Fassie is a Ugandan artiste who has been under the Savaam Record Label with other musicians like Da Agent, John Wule and many others. She has songs like Olweyo, Kilimulara, Gubaguluma and many others. We will keep you posted. The post Singer Betina Fassie speaks about dismissal from record label appeared first on BigEye.UG.