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Sisqo and his wife Elizabeth Andrews are ever the proud parents as their kids are featured in Target’s latest ad campaign. “Both babies in @target Holiday catalog,” Elizabeth said of the ad campaign. “The proudest mom,” she exclaimed. “Thanks to my youngest for getting these Target ads to help pay for this expensive azz school tuition,” Sisqo mused in reference to his daughter’s spot in the campaign. Kimiqo and her brother, Ryu, are Sisqo and Elizabeth Andrew’s light and joy. It was just in September that the celebrity parents celebrated their daughter’s birthday. “Unto us, a star was born! Happy Born Day to my youngest Kimiqo Star. Love You!” Sisqo wrote on Instagram. The celebrity father also celebrated his son’s 10th birthday in June. “Double Dragon! Happy Born Day to my Son Ryu the DRAGON!(which is technically dragon the dragon but y’all get You!” Sisqo decided to solidify his life as a family man in 2018 by marrying Elizabeth. The artist dated his partner on and off for 15 years before moving to tie the matrimonial knot with her. “It was one of those things where it’s like she’s my best friend,” Sisqo said during an interview with Us...