Social Media is Shocked That Bill Russell Has a White Wife Named Jeannine

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I am a little surprised that people didn’t know about this. Russell has been married four times. His first wife, Rose Swisher, was black, but the next three have been white.His current wife is Jeannine Russell.Here are the details on his other wives.Russell was married to his college sweetheart Rose Swisher from 1956 to 1973. They had three children: daughter Karen Russell, the television pundit and lawyer, and sons William Jr. and Jacob. However, the couple grew emotionally distant and divorced. In 1977, he married Dorothy Anstett, Miss USA of 1968, but they divorced in 1980. The relationship was shrouded in controversy because Anstett was white. In 1996, Russell married his third wife, Marilyn Nault; their marriage lasted until her death in January 2009. Russell is married to Jeannine Russell. He has been a resident of Mercer Island, Washington for over four decades. His older brother was the noted playwright Charlie L. Russell.