Soledad: ‘What’s happening in society with Black Lives Matter ain’t gonna happen here’

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Talib Williams, known as Talib the Student, was sentenced to prison at the age of 17 by an all-non-Black jury. Since receiving a virtual death sentence, Talib has striven to rise above prison politics and better his life. He has authored three books while incarcerated, started a non-profit organization, became a respected imam in the prison’s Muslim community, facilitating a healthy spiritual development for practitioners of his faith, and facilitated a toxic masculinity workshop for inmates, which was the subject of a CNN documentary on Soledad State Prison called “The Feminist on Cellblock Y.” Talib was offered an early parole hearing for good behavior in 2017 and is currently awaiting the decision. by Tasha Williams Now that all their dirty laundry has been aired and the story on has been viewed by over 50,000 people across the country, Warden Craig Koenig of Soledad State Prison and other officials have decided that they’d better come up with a good reason for the brutal 3 a.m. assault on 100-200 Black inmates in which guards made it clear the raid intentionally exposed the men to COVID-19. They need a scapegoat, so that must be why they are trying to validate prisoners known...