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Some Assistance For Howard Stern

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I want to help Howard Stern. On his radio show, Stern lamented the lack of attention he received from NBA players at New York Knicks games. He shared: “When I, you know, I have courtside, they put me courtside and the Black players won’t come over and say hello to me, but they go over to Spike Lee… a lot of times when I’m there, I’m next to Tracy Morgan… And he’s sitting there and like, couple of the players will come over. They like give him that bro shake and stuff. And I’m like — these guys should hug me too. I mean, what am I? I grew up in a Black neighborhood, you know what I mean? I mean they should know that. But I get ignored.” Stern is vain and concerned with being noticed. He said so himself later in his diatribe. But what Stern has to understand is this … Black people aren’t required to know who every “important” white man is. Part of the experience of being Black in the United States is the expectation of both being aware of and esteeming figures of mainstream (white) culture. I can recall moments where it was expected...