Something to Brighten Your Week-Images From COVID19 Adventures


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Two brothers having a great day As working moms, we wear a lot of hats and keep a lot of balls in the air. Our biggest challenge, after figuring out what to do with all of that damn laundry, is figuring out how to keep our kiddos entertained and smiling.& Girl enjoying PittsburghCOVID19 Complicated Our Ability to Entertain Our KidsLast year, when the world was shut down because of COVID19, it was even harder to keep them smiling and entertained. Even though we have a large home and a decent sized yard, we often exhausted our options for fun there. When we did, we ventured out into the city for long walks where we would tell stories and enjoy each other. These images capture a few of those walks.& & Victorious Young ManRelated ArticlesFun Events in Pittsburgh in July