Special Prosecutor Determines Virginia Ex-cop Who Pepper Sprayed and Assaulted Black Army Lieutenant During a Traffic Stop Will Face No Criminal Charges


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A Virginia special prosecutor has determined a former police officer should not be criminally charged by the state for a 2020 traffic incident involving the assault of a U.S. Army lieutenant, a man of color. Instead, the commonwealth’s attorney recommends that the ex-cop be investigated for possibly violating the Army officer’s civil rights.On Friday, July 29, special prosecutor Anton Bell released a report on a case pertaining to Lt. Caron Nazario, a Black and Latino man, and his encounter with two officers from the Windsor Police Department on Dec. 5, 2020.& A video captured the officers pulling their guns out and pointing them at Nazario during a traffic stop some 70 miles southeast of Richmond. The lieutenant, fully dressed in his service fatigues, was first verbally threatened by the then-officers — suggesting he may be executed — later pepper-sprayed and handcuffed before being knocked to the ground, The Associated Press reports.Despite the aggressive detainment, the lieutenant was never charged with a crime.In April 2021, four months after the incident, Nazario, now 28, filed a federal lawsuit against the two WPD officers, claiming his constitutional rights were violated. After the lawsuit was filed, video of the violent traffic stop was released...