Stand Your Ground Ruling Goes Against Black Georgia Man

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(Photos: YouTube\Facebook) Statesboro, GA - Ogeechee Superior Court Judge Ronnie Thompson issued a ruling on a motion for immunity in the Marc Wilson case, a criminal prosecution stemming from the June 2020 shooting death of Haley Hutchinson. The shooting happened while Wilson was allegedly trying to elude several white teenagers in a pickup truck who were chasing him, and his white girlfriend, and hurling racial insults. Wilson's defense team has said Wilson was defending himself under the state's Stand Your Ground law.Judge Thompson found that the evidence presented during the three-day long immunity hearing did not meet the standard of proof for immunity under Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law. He did, however, grant the Wilson legal team’s request and issued a $100,000 cash bond with stipulations.William “Marc” Wilson, 23-years old, will now face trial with jury selection beginning on April 18. He continues to passionately maintain his right to self defense under Georgia law and his legal defense team will continue to zealously fight for their client, despite this ruling.Wilson faces one count of felony murder and one count of aggravated assault for the June 14, 2020 shooting that took the life of Haley Hutcheson, 17, while both were in...