Stephen A. Smith Tells Jay Williams “He’s Full Of It” After Williams Said it Was Kyrie Irving’s Right to Not Follow Mandate

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I understood what Jay Williams was trying to say. Sadly, he couldn’t get his full point out because Stephen A. Smith was yelling at him the whole time. The issue with Kyrie Irving is simple to me, and people are making it more complicated than it really is. If he doesn’t want to get the vaccine, he doesn’t have to. The repercussions for that are he loses $16 million and doesn’t get to play.That is it.Nothing more to say.I understand that as media, we have to write and talk about things, so we have to find different angles and talking points, but the fact of the matter is that it really shouldn’t make people as angry as it does. I wish MAGA weren’t using Kyrie as their poster boy for their anti-vax narrative, especially when most of them are vaccinated, but what can you do.