Story Time for Young Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic


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Story time with Michele ObamaReading stories to your kids is a great way to bond, foster a love of learning, and educate them. However, what do you do if you don't have the time. like when you are attempting to watch them and work from home during Coronavirus School???& Let's tell the truth working moms, being responsible for your young kids all day while working is a whole lot right now. Here's what I have decided. Now, is not the time to get all high and mighty eschewing technology.I mean, you have to be practical. Nobody has actually told me how to simultaneously read Dr. Seuss and write a legal brief, just sayin'.Use Technology to Help Educate Your KidsA lot of people have written about the challenges of homeschooling school aged children. However, during this quarantine period the younger kids are at home too. And as someone pointed out on Facebook, they can't do online based classes or independent learning. So what's a mama to do??? As I mentioned in a prior post, I say, outsource it. Let KhanAcademy, ABC Mouse, etc. help you. (Click here for free online resources to help you educate your kids.)There are lots places where...