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Straight to the point with human rights lawyer Adante Pointer

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Human and Civil Rights Lawyer Adante Pointer covers cases ranging from police terrorism to police killings. by JR Valrey, the Minister of Information and Editor in Chief of the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper Adante Pointer has been on the front lines of the current day Human Rights movement. Fighting in the courtrooms with the same purpose and ferocity in his heart as the young brothas that were throwing molotovs at the police in Ferguson during the anti police rebellions.& I met him in the fight for accountability in the police murder of Oscar Grant, in 2010. At the time, he was working as a young lawyer with the very well known Civil Rights lawyer, John Burris. I was working as a young reporter with the SF Bay View Newspaper and KPFA. I was also fighting an unjustified arson case from the Oscar Grant Rebellions, where I was facing six years.& My real crime was that I was covering the sentiments of rage coming from ghetto youth in the streets as they responded to the police murder. Although I caught a case, Adante Pointer was reflecting sentiments with a suit on, giving us updates on the Oscar Grant case from...