Strawberry Moscato Tiramisu

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This Strawberry Moscato Tiramisu is the perfect summer no-bake dessert. This summer dessert is made with fresh whipped cream made with mascarpone cheese and heavy cream, fresh strawberries, and ladyfingers that have been coated in Moscato wine. I have a thing for wine.  Correction, I have a thing for Moscato wine. More specifically, Seven Daughters Moscato.  I do not have a sophisticated taste palate to appreciate most bitter and dry wines. So, I stick with wines that are a bit sweeter and have fruity flavors. That is where I live in the wine tasting areas. With my love for Moscato, it only makes sense to put it in a dessert and this strawberry dessert is perfect! I have yet to visit Italy, but I am sure this Italian dessert will not disappoint. Although it is not made with coffee, espresso, or raw eggs, it is still delicious and packed full of flavors that make this recipe the perfect dessert of the spring or the summer. How to make this Tiramisu recipe It’s really quite simple.  You are going to take a package of ladyfingers and dip them in a bowl of Moscato for a few seconds on each side and...