Study: Industries with the most quitting

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The American labor market is rapidly changing. The wave of “great resignations” the country witness during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, is still going strong two years later. A new research by the US Bureau for Labor Statistics reveals which industries are losing the most employees. The study used a document management tool Small PDF to analyzes percentage data of total employees quitting in an industry every month – and quit levels, which measures how many employees quit in total each month. And the news study might not come as a surprise to many. Fast food workers, waiters and chefs are quitting at the highest rate out of U.S. employees in any other industry.  More than 773,600 employees left every month on average during the study. The retail trade industry comes next with 600,400 monthly average quits followed by arts and entertainment at 3.58% which about 82,200 workers leaving the industry every month between April and August. The Great Resignation has exacerbated a lingering problem in the US Workforce. Americans have a deep cultural shift in the way they view a healthy work life balance, inadequate workplace protections, low pay, and lack of opportunities for professional developments to name a...