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Sy’Rai Smith continues to inspire fans with her weight loss journey. Brandy’s daughter recently took to TikTok with a video that delved into her decision to shed pounds. Sy’Rai began the story of her journey in the clip with her “unhealthy relationship with food.” The young adult equated her tendency to eat junk food in excess to her feelings of depression that led her on a rollercoaster ride of losing weight and gaining it back within a matter of months. Although she “tried to stay positive and confident,” Sy’Rai appeared unable to shake the habits that led to her poor nutritional decisions. She “gained over 160 pounds” before losing 30 pounds and thinking she would be “happier.” The happiness that came from losing weight did not last long as Sy’rai “gained it right back because I became depressed.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Rai (@syraismith) No one in her family rejected her because of the weight she gained. Still, Sy’Rai “felt like the outsider” and identified food as her “only friend.” It wasn’t until she “had the scariest health scare” that Sy’Rai decided to make changes. She “stayed in the hospital for weeks” before deciding...