Tabitha Brown Goes From Vegan TikTok Star To Co-Owner Of Kale My Name, Her First Vegan Restaurant

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by BA 391 Views comments - (Photo/Twitter) Tabitha Brown is known on the Internet for keeping her followers updated on delicious vegan recipes. Now, that will change as her Los Angeles fans are in for a treat.In an Instagram post, the actress and TikTok star announced that she will be opening her first vegan restaurant. She also revealed it will be the second location of Kale My Name, a popular vegan restaurant in Chicago, where she is now a co-owner. After falling in love with the restaurant after coming to town to film for “The Chi,” she teamed up with the owner, Nemanja Nekac Golubović, to bring the meals, energy and experience from the Midwest to now the West coast.“Family it’s officially happening!!! I’m opening my very first restaurant,” she wrote on her Instagram post. “I’m so thankful and grateful to bring Kale My Name to Los Angeles as a co-owner. Y’all it’s about to be Very Good!!! Stay tuned for more updates on opening day!”Kale My Name will be her first experience as a restaurateur, but the vegan influencer has faith that it’s only the beginning of her journey.