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Tai Chi vs. Yoga: Which One is Better For Strength?

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Yoga is an ancient practice that blends physical postures, breathing practices and meditation. In the modern world, though, yoga classes vary widely in style — with some favoring a vigorous physical practice that requires people to move quickly and get up and down from the floor. Whatever way you choose to do yoga, it bodes many benefits. Practicing yoga may even help you become a little surer on your feet as you age, a new research review suggests. The review, of 33 small clinical trials, found that older adults who participated in yoga programs typically gained some lower-body strength and boosted their walking speed. According to experts, findings suggest that yoga might help older adults manage some of the strength and movement limitations that can come with age. At the same time, it’s hard to give specific advice based on the research that’s been done, according to lead researcher Dr. Julia Loewenthal, a geriatrician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The trials varied in the groups they studied, she says– sometimes healthy older adults living at home, sometimes nursing home residents, sometimes people with health conditions like knee arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. RELATED: 5 Moves To Reduce Back Pain...