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G Herbo and Taina Williams are in celebration mode as their daughter, Emmy Love Wright, blasted past another growth development mark. The celebrity parents commemorated their little one’s half birthday earlier this week. “Happy 6 months to my girl,” Taina wrote to Emmy. “The greatest gifts I have are my children,” the celebrity mom shared with her social media fans. “She was made with so much LOVE,” Taina gushed. “My Emmy Love,” she continued. [She] looks like her dad and [has an] attitude like her momma.” Emmy Love Wright was born in May. She made her mom a parent of two kids while Emmy made her father a dad for the third time. “May 17, 2022,” Taina and G Herbo said of their daughter’s birthdate. It was last holiday season that G Herbo and Taina announced their expectancy of baby number two. The couple’s revelation was quite the Christmas present as Taina and G Herbo welcomed their son, Essex, months prior to learning they would further expand their family. Taina has shared several precious moments of Emmy since welcoming her daughter earlier this year. Many have commented on how much the little one favors her older brothers in the way...