Tamale Mirundi pays tribute to Pastor Yiga


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On Monday night, grief engulfed believers and fans of Pastor Yiga Augustine Abizaayo following the confirmation of his death.A number of top politicians and celebrities have come out to speak about him including the former Presidential press secretary Tamale Murundi. He praised the late Pastor Yiga for being very innovative and hardworking.“Pastor Yiga was very hardworking and innovative. He worked so hard to make sure he gets to where he has been. He started from scratch and managed to get to the top by himself. He was a very loving man who wished good for everyone. Regardless of all his mistakes like any other human, Yiga was a respectable man and he will be missed.” Tamale said It is a sad time in Kawaala. People are sad and mourning upon the demise of a popular figure in their area. It is evident when you set foot at his church. Mourners and believers have thronged the Kawaala-based Church to condole with his family. Pastor Yiga was the proprietor of the Revival Church and a local TV station ABS TV in Kawaala, Kampala. Deceased Pastor Augustine Yiga’s body is currently being kept at A-Plus Funeral Management home in Mengo where it will...