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Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley have a 10-year-old on their hands! The celebrity parents took to Instagram to commemorate their son Aden Housley’s birthday, which was Saturday (Nov. 12). View this post on Instagram A post shared by tameramowrytwo (@tameramowrytwo) “Snap your fingers and he’s 10,” Adam said of his son’s growth. “Insane how time flies,” the celebrity father added. “Very proud of this boy. He’s got a ton of energy and he works his butt off,” Adam shared of Aden. “Proud to be his dad,” the celebrity father shared. “Happy birthday, Aden.” Tamera Mowry also took to Instagram with birthday wishes for her son. The You Should Sit Down For This author shared a video clip that highlighted ten things about her son that her fans did not know. “Aden John Tanner,” Tamera began her birthday tribute to her son. “The biblical name means handsome; pleasure given,” the celebrity mom added. View this post on Instagram A post shared by adamhousley (@adamhousley) “November 12, 2012, my life was changed forever. You made me a momma for the first time,” Tamera wrote to her son. “And I’m forever #grateful,” she continued. “You are in the double digits NOW! Big boi...