Teen Subway Surfer Dies After Falling Off Roof of NYC Train Car In Dangerous Trend Among Black and Hispanic Youths: ‘Choose Other Avenues to Have Some Fun’

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A 15-year-old New York student lost his life subway-surfing on a Brooklyn elevated train. Officials notice this dangerous trend becoming more and more popular in the city that never sleeps despite several accidents claiming the lives of teens. On Thursday, Dec. 1, Kavon Wooden lost his life after performing a stunt on the southbound J train. Video captures teen on top of an MTA train in New York City (Screengrab Pix11) The young man was riding on the top of the train car, according to the conductor who called officials when he witnessed the teens. But, it was too late. The teen tumbled from the roof with parts of his body touching the third rail as the train neared the Marcy Avenue station from Brooklyn to Manhattan. As a result, he was electrocuted. PIX11 News reports officers from the New York Police Department arrived as soon as they could, pronouncing the boy dead at the scene. While first responders and firefighters turned off power to the track in order to remove the remains of the deceased child, 700 passengers were evacuated from the train. Service on the line for the J and M trains, in both directions, was disrupted for...