Texas Groups Are Fighting Voter Restriction, but Will They Win?


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Gov. Greg Abbott (Photo credit: KSAT) The lawsuits being levied against Texas Governor Greg Abbott may not be going in the direction you think. On Sept. 7, Abbott signed Senate Bill 1, a bill that has been critiqued for the restrictions it places on Black, Brown and disabled voters with limits on the ability of poll place workers to help the legally blind. In response, several lawsuits have been filed against Gov. Abbott, two of which are federal lawsuits that were filed days in advance in Austin and San Antonio. In both cases, the plaintiffs argue that the shift to these new voting laws is a move to target Black, Brown and disabled communities (described as “voters of color”  and “voters with disabilities” in the Austin case filing). Specifically, in the Austin filing, they point to the ways SB1 would make it more difficult to vote by mail or with the help of an assistant (i.e. a blind voter is not allowed to ask for assistance and if they are helped the assistant could be indicted for a felony). But what are the chances of SB1 being overturned by these lawsuits? According to Texas attorney Symone Redwine, it could be...