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The 5 Types Of Fights Men Fear

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The only fights guys really like are those that take place on HBO or Pay-Per-View. But guys don’t particularly like fights when they happen in relationships. We shy away from confrontation for several reasons: first, men win rarely win arguments with women. Second, we don’t have that much we want to argue about. For the vast majority of guys, fighting is failure, and quite possibly a violation of local noise ordinances. We may have a few little things to quibble about (Where in the world did you put my white t-shirt?), but for the most part, we’ll do anything to avoid conflict, especially these types of conflict: 5. The “You Work Too Much” Fight You look at your email too much. Does your work phone always have to be on? You work way too much! You’re right, you’re right, and you’re right. When a man’s work is pitted against his relationship for time and attention, he can feel utterly conflicted. Many men feel an intense pressure to succeed, to be the one who’s counted on, to be hardwired into whatever’s happening, even if it’s not much. And when you tell him that he should feel that way about you rather...