The Black Doll Affair Is Changing The Way Black Girls and Women Perceive Themselves

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This Mama Doll wants the world to see Black women as beautiful dolls who love to get along and play well with others. Black woman business owner Dana Hill created the largest consumer group of Black toy dolls, The Black Doll Affair, with a mission to change the way Black girls perceive themselves. According to CBS 12 News, the Lynn University graduate brought The Black Doll Affair to life in December 2007 after coordinating what was meant to be a one-time Christmas party where Black women attended as the ‘Black doll’ and women who were not Black showed up as their ‘porcelain pals.’ “They were there to be that white doll come to life and talk to a little girl about how unique her hair is and her skin and nose and how no one has these attributes but her—the Black doll,” Hill explained. The movement, now recognized worldwide, happens on the first Saturday of every December when the Black’ ambassadolls’ host themed Christmas parties to empower Black girls and women. Additionally, dolls are donated to Black girls across the country. “Their challenge every year is to get behind the self-esteem theme and act as teachers in a classroom promoting...