The College Graduation Rates of African American Student Athletes


by BA 40 Views

Last week a JBHE post reported that 67 percent of all students who entered a group of the nation’s largest universities in 2013 earned their degree by 2019. For Blacks at these institutions, only 48 percent earned a bachelor’s degree within six years. Now we turn our attention to student athletes. These are students who are receiving some degree of athletic financial aid or scholarships. Some 69 percent of all student athletes who enrolled in 2013 graduated within six years. This is only two percentage points higher than the graduation rates for students as a whole. For Black student athletes, 59 percent earned their diplomas within six years. This is 11 percentage points higher than the rate for Black students as a whole. Past research has shown that as many as two thirds of all students who drop out of college do so for financial reasons. Thus, it appears that athletic scholarships tend to shield student athletes from the financial pressures of the high cost of education. And this is particularly true for Black student athletes. The numbers are not insignificant. There are nearly 11,000 Black men on football scholarships at these large universities. More than 2,500 Black men and...