The End of School As We Know it, COVID19 Lessons


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Family enjoying picnicSo, the school year is finally over and I am ecstatic! The above photo is of our celebration. Balancing work, school, and the stressors of day-to-day life combined with the additional stress of being Black in America during this time has been quite a lot. (Click here to read about our experience.)& Still, I cannot help but be proud of my older kids. Considering everything, they are the rock stars. They are the ones who did their work and focused. And, yes, the focus required prodding and there were sometime tears.& Still, they kept at it every day. They dealt with mommy school and they thrived.Boy graduating KindergartenOur daughter completed fourth grade. We began her virtual school five weeks before her school had anything. We did math, language arts and science. We read a novel, did equations, and experiments. We supplemented with YouTube and online classes we could find. In a word, we made it work. She even discovered new talents, which she mentioned in an online interview that was also aired on KDKA. (To see it, click here.)& Our son completed Montesorri Kindergarten during quarantine, as you can see in the above photo. (I have know idea...