The Evolving Role of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in Politics


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(Photo: YouTube)Automation, nowadays, has seen a rise, along with technology in general. Automation has revolutionized how consumers live, work and, so to speak, vote. Yes, now, automation is being talked about in US politics.This is where things like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) come in.According to SAS Institute, AI and ML work together to create a more automated technology. While AI focuses on being more human-like, ML focuses on training AI how to learn. With the two combined, AI and ML can produce analytics and results in the data that they study.In the case of US politics, AI and ML might have potential in transforming it. Though, with newer technology comes skepticism.In this brief overview, we will discussion AI and ML, and where they stand when it comes to politics in the US.At First Glance“Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been on the rise since the emergence of email and fundraising initiatives in the early 2000s,” says Jesse Windsor, a journalist at Write My X and 1Day2Write.“Nowadays, AI and ML are being used to analyze patterns and data, as a means to improve advertising, marketing, and how we search for information on the Internet. Now, AI and ML...