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The FCC Copper-Wire Landline Shutdown in Dallas Leaves Residents With Concerns

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Dallas residents are beginning to feel the effects of the FCC’s landline shutdown order, which has many concerned about their connection’s future. Data reveals nearly one-third of US households still use a landline service, with over 456,400 users in Dallas. But unfortunately, all major providers like AT&T and Verizon are shutting down their traditional landlines in this area.& Alex, a 62-year Dallas resident, received a letter from AT&T in June notifying him about the termination of their copper landlines.& “It was a relatively short letter. It mentioned AT&T would be discounting their copper landlines starting in August. But it also said we could opt for their VoIP landline plans. Most residents feel uncomfortable setting up extensive and costly fiber optic lines across their homes and offices. The same is with Alex.& “I never thought I’d be required to switch to an internet setup to keep calling my grandkids just like this. But maybe there’s no way around now.” Landlines are still in use today. Many people think smartphones have replaced landlines. But they’re still widely used across the US, with over 100 million landline users nationwide!& They’re widespread among senior citizens who feel uncomfortable using smartphones or modern-day internet-based landlines....