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Chef Monifa Dayo

by JR Valrey, Black New World Journalist Society

“Ingenuity is the reigning order of the day” would be my choice of words if I had to sum up the COVID-19 pandemic’s quarantine into a sentence for small business owners. When the dust settles, there are going to be some “out of nowhere wins” as well as catastrophic losses.&

The ability to imagine a new reality and pivot into that vision quickly is what will separate the triumphant from everyone else in the business community. Some are still trying to figure out what is going on while others have conjured up ways to serve the community while also making a dollar in these dire times.

When tragedy strikes, opportunity usually follows. Oakland Chef Monifa Dayo has used the proverbial lemons that the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt her, transformed her business in a rather short amount of time, and is now serving lemonade, metaphorically speaking.&

“I had an eatery that I had to transform into a delivery program. I have a supperclub that has been compromised. It was an underground dope supperclub with a dope table,” said Chef Monifa Dayo excitedly as she suddenly crescendo...