The Queen of Yum takes over Houston food scene

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Houston’s culinary profile has increased in recent years. It’s home to some of the most diverse and unique dining experiences. The city’s expansive list makes it a challenge to figure out which cultural cuisines to immerse yourself in. But thanks to local creatives like Chef Vicky V, navigating Houston’s flavorful culinary culture has never been easier. Chef Vicky V, popularly known as The Queen of Yum is a powerhouse chef, food stylist, influencer and Black restaurant liaison whose vibrant personality and engaging content around food has garnered more than 17,000 Instagram followers who she calls ‘Yum Crumbs”. Her love for Black culture, people, and businesses has led partner with many regional and national brands curating aesthetically pleasing food media and programs such as Houston Hosts Black Bloggers, showcasing the best of Houston’s Black dining, Black tastemakers and social media entrepreneurs. The Defender spoke with The Queen of Yum to talk about her culinary journey and the impact her work has had in Black Houston. Chef Vicky V [Far Right], Houston native Chef Consultant/FoodStylist/Influencer/Media Producer/ & Black Restaurant Liaison at Houston Hosts event Photo: Lenard Smith Jr. Defender: Who is Chef Vicky V outside of the personality everyone has grown to...