The Republican Party Should Now Be Viewed As A Dangerous Domestic Terrorist Organization


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(Photos: YouTube)The Republican Party is no longer just a political party. They should now be considered what they are fast becoming: a domestic terrorist organization preaching fear and promoting hate against anyone who doesn’t espouse their xenophobic white world-view.The Republican Party is encouraging outright violence by their silent blessings, including by the recent overtures to white vigilante killer Kyle Rittenhouse. And when more white supremacist GOP supporters decided to act out with more forms of extreme violence, as we head into 2022, Republicans should be held responsible because of their hateful dissemination of prejudice.The attacks by Republicans against Muslim Somalia-American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar give us our most recent example of the hate spewing from this once revered political party in America.Star GOP jihadist Rep. Lauren Boebert was recently caught in a lie falsely claiming that Capitol Hill Police came running to a elevator in which she and Omar were in because: Omar was, supposedly, mistaken as a suicide bomber. According to Boebert, when she saw the officers coming she said, “What's happening? I look to my left, and there she is: Ilhan Omar. And I said, well, she doesn't have a backpack, we should be fine.”Boebert also added this: “So...