The Seasons Change, What About Us?

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By Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson There are times when life calls us to boldly embrace our next season of change. And let me be very clear about this: anytime we talk about change, people can feel some type of way. We normally feel uncomfortable because with change, there can be a great degree of uncertainty. We understand this as we mature because it’s not our first time at this rodeo of life transition. Here’s my simple encouragement for you and I think this is a great backdrop as we enter into the brand new fall season and we have to embrace change in temperatures, change in what we wear and change in general even in what we see. One of my favorite things to see, by the way, is the change in the trees and all of the beautiful colors that fall displays. The wind blowing and the leaves rustling and all of the beauty that fall exudes for us during this season and as we transition over to Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of the foods and festivities that come with it as well. Listen, this is a change many of us readily embrace because we love all of the newness...