The Startup Act to be discussed at the Kampala Innovation Week


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By Reporter The global debate surrounding fostering an environment that nurtures sustainable innovation, research and development by starts up is slowly gaining momentum as discussions shift towards policy and government support of the startup ecosystem through legislation. Italy took the helm on this movement when they passed the first specific startup law back in 2012. Since then a number of African countries like Tunisia and Senegal followed suit. Following the disruption that the COVID-19 global pandemic caused, African states like Mali, Ghana, Ivory Coast, DRC, Kenya and Rwanda are on the verge of implementation whilst some have had fruitful consultations that have resulted in Bills being tabled in parliament. The question then is what does a Startup Act mean for the Ugandan Startup ecosystem? At the core of the startup ecosystem are innovation hubs and entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs). In February 2019, a larger group of start-up hubs and ESOs agreed upon the formation of Startup Uganda (SU) as an association of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (IESO) working towards strengthening the start-up support ecosystem and sector. With the support of UNCDF, the association has achieved real progress, with more than twenty members some of whom are exhibiting at the...