‘They’re Clumsy and Don’t Know What They’re Doing’: Mississippi Man’s Death Raises Foul Play Questions from Family as They Await Answers from Authorities

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“He told me the night before he was in danger,” said Tiffany Carter of Fayette, Mississippi whose son was found dead in a field in Taylorsville, MS a month after he disappeared.Tiffany Carter is living a mother’s worst nightmare, learning her child was in danger only to be found dead weeks later.“He told me it was three trucks of white men trying to harm him,” Carter went on to say possibly adding suspicion of foul play behind her son’s disappearance and subsequent death. The family of Rasheem Carter, 25, is now desperately seeking answers to what or who caused his death. Rasheem Ryelle Carter of Fayette, Mississippi was working in Taylorsville, Mississippi, about an hour north of Hattisburg, MS doing contract work at Georgia Pacific Wood Products for an expected 10-days. While in the small town of Taylorsville, which has a population of 2300 people, 37% of which are Black, 60% are white, Rasheem Carter reportedly told his mom, white men had been following him around town. Tiffany Carter says she told her son to report his concerns to Taylorsville police, which he reportedly did on Oct. 1.“My whole concern was to get him to go to the police station”,...