This COVID-19 Normal Is Chaotic as Hell For Parents


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& & & & & & "Sometimes you just have to cry in your closet." -Mom on the Today Show& & Wearing the maskWorking from home while social distancing is hard, and it is not just because I have to wear masks for personal errands that make it hard to breathe. Social distancing means juggling my entire life all at the same time and that has been hard as hell!& My blog and consulting has focused on being a working mom for the past ten years. & Spoiler alert,& my previous key to success has been compartmentalizing. The past six weeks have changed all of that. I am quite literally providing childcare while fielding work calls, writing emails and doing research. That doesn’t even count the time I spend teaching lessons reviewing assignments and planning for the day.It is bananas!& My only saving grace is that I know I am not doing this alone.I don’t say that simply because misery loves company. I say that because as an attorney and as a coach, I get paid to help people find solutions to their problems. So, when I saw hardship I used to have two thoughts. First, “What did you do...