Thomas Jefferson Statue Removed From City Hall After 187 Years

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New York–Thomas Jefferson is no longer in the room where it happens. Art handlers packed up an 884-pound statue of Jefferson in a wooden crate Monday after a mayoral commission& voted to banish& the likeness of the nation’s third president from City Hall, where it’s resided for nearly two centuries — because he owned slaves. About a dozen workers with Marshall Fine Arts spent several hours carefully removing the painted plaster monument from its pedestal inside the City Council chambers and surrounding it with sections of foam and wooden boards. They then lowered the massive structure down the stairs leading to the building’s first-floor rotunda with a pulley system and ushered the Founding Father out the back door. The 1833 statue will be on& a long-term loan& to the New York Historical Society, which plans to have Jefferson’s model survive in its lobby and reading room. Keri Butler, executive director of the Public Design Commission that& voted to banish& the statue, at first tried to block the press from witnessing its removal. Butler relented after members of the mayor’s office and City Council intervened. The commission also attempted to vote on the statue’s removal without a public hearing on the...