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Three Opportunities to Potentially Improve Multiple Myeloma Care for Black Patients

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Sponsored by GSK Multiple myeloma is a cancer that affects a person’s plasma cells, which helps the body fight infection and disease. It can permanently weaken bones and damage organs,1 and it’s the most common blood cancer in people of African American descent.2 In fact, Black patients are diagnosed with multiple myeloma twice as often as other groups and have a mortality rate that’s twice as high.3 We can’t fix these disparities overnight, but we can start improving patient outcomes by raising awareness in underserved communities, increasing clinical trial recruitment in minority populations, and helping patients get access to healthcare professionals. Let’s take a deeper look at this three-step strategy: 1. Strengthen community awareness and increase health equity Back pain, weakness, fatigue, frequent urination and constipation can all be signs of getting older. They may also be signs of multiple myeloma.4 That’s one reason why addressing the lack of community awareness is so essential. Knowing about the disease can lead to an earlier diagnosis, increasing the odds of a better outcome. But where can someone learn enough to think to speak with their doctor?  Target the Future, a global initiative from GSK, asks for ideas aimed at increasing awareness and...