Tip for the New Year: Compartmentalize Your Life For Success

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Working mom and kidsAccording to a recent study by Oregon University, a happy home life can result in an increase in immersion and productivity, leading to a happier work life. SeeHow to Be Happier at Work, According to Scientific StudiesThe holidays were about focusing on the positive. And, I totally agree with that. However, I recognize that life can be hard. And because of that, we all need coping skills.A few weeks ago, I quoted the above study in a training I conducted and encouraged the participants to become happier outside of work so that they might be more productive at work. To be fair, I don't deny the results of the study referenced above. Of course, people who are happy with the home lives make better workers. Saying that is the equivalent of saying that people who are in good shape look better in swimsuits. DUH! However, what that study doesn't reflect is the working mom's capacity to compartmentalize.The question becomes though, can one succeed at work if they are struggling in his/her personal life?& Spoiler Alert: The Answer is, "Hell Yes"!It is possible to succeed at work in spite of problems at home, and it is healthy.Working moms...