TN NAACP Calls for Disciplinary Action Against State Officials who Supported the Capital Coup

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by BA 31 Views

Nashville, TN (TN Tribune) –The Tennessee NAACP issued the following statement: The Tennessee NAACP calls for disciplinary action of Tennessee officials for their support of President Donald Trump’s attempted coup last week—the most violent attack on the nation’s capitol since the War of 1812. State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver (R-District 40) must be censured by the Tennessee General Assembly for her attendance at last week’s insurrection. She called the sedition rally an “epic and historic day gathering with fellow Patriots from all over the nation.” Now, because of the violence, she has tried to distance herself from the event. Representative Weaver knew exactly what she was getting into when she attended the Trump rally-turned- insurrection. Most media agencies warned of the impending violence. Dozens of insurrectionists were on terrorist-watch lists with plans to violently overthrow the government and disenfranchise millions of voters. And at least 50 court decisions and the United States Supreme Court, including Trump-appointed judges, struck down all claims of voter fraud. Weaver’s attendance at the January 6 events gave political cover to the insurrection despite its racist and anti- Semitic underpinnings and alignment with far-right extremists and armed militia groups. Some seditionists waved Confederate memorabilia, while others...