Too many are dying

Black Local and National News

by BA 21 Views

Black Indianapolis has to rediscover a culture of life. Last year we lost 158 Black people to criminal homicides in this city. Three times in the last five years we have lost more than 100 Black males. In 2016 we lost 103.In 2017 we lost 86.In 2018 we lost 103.In 2019 we lost 95. In 2020, we lost 137 Black males and 21 Black women to criminal homicides. We haven’t even mentioned COVID-19. Our death culture is intimately related to the desire to experience the fun of life in some instances. It’s the house parties with no masks. The gatherings in parking lots. The kickbacks happening around the city. A death culture seeks instant gratification in part because you don’t know how long you’re going to live anyway. Systemic racism has reduced too many in our communities to survival mode. And in this state respect is everything. Life is cheap. And there is so much pain the self-medication is seemingly necessary. But this isn’t who we really are — it is a condition too many find themselves in.The day I wrote this five people were killed in this city. I’m concerned that all the homicides were criminal and they all...