Top Prospect’s Visit Could Impact NCAA Recruiting

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Recruiting is the lifeblood of major college football and basketball, and in the post-integration era the top Black high school prospects for the most part have opted for Power 5 conference schools. Those are the places deemed the best spots to get national television exposure, be viewed by pro scouts, and enhance prospects to get drafted in either the NFL or the NBA. While every year there are players from small schools and/or HBCUs who beat the odds and make pro rosters, even some who succeed despite not being drafted, it’s still largely viewed as essential for any top 10 prospect to attend a Power 5 conference school, or at minimum a college or university that’s predominantly white (also known as PWI).

However last week there was a recruiting visit that on the surface may not seem like much, but potentially could change the course of NCAA recruiting if others follow suit. Makur Maker isn’t a name that well known outside basketball recruiting circles, but within them he’s a hot item. That’s because Maker, a nearly...