Top View shining a light on Midwest talent

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Midwest Industry Nights offer a space for creatives to come together, network and learn. The events are hosted by Top View – a company focused on helping artists break through the noise. “Top View is a Talent Management and Media Company. We have a few artists under our belt that we are managing and working very closely with to nurture their career. For media, we just like to spotlight not only local talent but also Midwest while also tying in how branding and marketing could work with that. So, it’s a little bit of entertainment, a little bit of education, but it’s all fun,” said Airika Lewis, host and brand personality for the company. Midwest Industry Night was the resolution to the common misconception that Indianapolis residents lack support for each other and that there is nothing to do in the city. “We were tired of the stereotype of everybody hates on each other from Nap or there’s nothing to do in Nap. It was like, guys, if you went outside your own personal circles, you would realize there is a huge creative community, and there’s been a shift in the city where we’re just more supportive than ever,” said...