Transgenders and Blacks at Lane Murray Unit: Victims of abuse and torture

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by BA 41 Views

“Stop the abuse of transgender prisoners” – Art: Rabi Cepeda, Prisoner Advisory Committee by Britney Gulley The injustices and sufferings at Lane Murray Unit are innumerable. From officers, nurse staff and ranking officials, Lane Murray Unit is the devil’s playground for transgenders and Blacks to be assaulted, sexually harassed, bullied, raped, discriminated and retaliated against by the same people who are supposed to protect people inside the barbed wire. “I can’t breathe” has been chanted across the nation of innocent unarmed Black people dying by the hands of cops. But what about the prisoners chanting “I can’t breathe”? At Lane Murray Unit, as a transgender man or Black woman, it seems as though the Civil War never existed.& While the white man gets rich off each prisoner chained up, capitalism is causing each Black woman and transgender man to be a victim of abuse that scars the soul, deteriorates mental stability, pulverizes emotional well-being, destroys self-esteem and murders spirituality. The abuse that transgenders are subjected to at Lane Murray Unit is gruesome. The abuse Black people endure at Lane Murray Unit is grotesque. The suicide rate and death toll at Lane Murray Unit is the highest percentage on its own,...