TreeMoon Cannabis Fashion: a Black business surviving the pandemic

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Kerby Garcia, TreeMoon by JR Valrey, Black New World Journalists Society TreeMoon Cannabis Fashion, like so many other small businesses in the United States, is busy rebounding after having its production line interrupted by the COVID-19 quarantine. Business analysts estimate that up to 60 percent of Black-owned businesses will not survive the impacts of the extended COVID quarantine and national rebellions of 2020. As the Black community, we have to step up our support for Black business at this critical juncture in history. TreeMoon Cannabis Fashion is a brand that is riding the turbulent wave of doing business in these unprecedented times, and we must go out of our way to support them – not just for the culture, but because they make dope shit. My long-time friend, Kerby Garcia, founder and pilot of the brand, sat down with us to discuss TreeMoon’s beginnings, his history, his family’s culture, and doing business during a global pandemic. Check out Kerby Garcia and TreeMoon, the cannabis fashion brand. M.O.I. JR: What made you want to get into fashion? Kerby Garcia: I’ve always had an interest in starting my own fashion line ever since Karl Kani, FUBU and Cross Colors. Back then I...