Twitter Reacts to Cops Confronting Man For Having Glock & AK-47 In his Porsche Who Claimed the Guns Belonged to His Long Lost Cousin “John Wick”; Name That State (Tweets)

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If you guess Florida you are certainly correct. Getro Gelin (27) of Florida was confronted by Police authorities at his home in St. Lucie, Florida for a domestic violence dispute according to an unnamed women. The women claims the assailant, Getro pushed her to the ground, aiming a firearm directly to her face during a dispute between the two individuals. After the victim told officials Mr. Gelin may have hid the weapons in his Porsche SUV, cops did indeed search the vehicle, subsequently finding  a Glock 21 Pistol, bullet proof vest, and semi-automatic rifle according to the New York Post. The suspect excuse upon authorities finding these items; “The SUV ain’t mine anymore, I sold it to my cousin John Wick” The mans response was protecting the identity of his cousin ( not John Wick), reportedly who the vehicle initially belonged to. If you did’t know, John Wick is a famous deadly assassin played by acclaimed actor Keanu Reaves, who wrecks havoc for the killing of his beloved dog. Consequently Getro Gelin of St. Lucie, Florida was booked and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic battery. His bond was set at $3500 dollars. No word on...