Twitter Reacts Unfavorably to ESPN Ordering a 9-Hour Tom Brady Docuseries to Try to Piggyback Off The Success of #TheLastDance (Tweets-Vids)

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I think Tom Brady is the GOAT. I am not watching 9 hours of Tom Brady. If we are being honest The Last Dance was always going to do well, but the reason it is breaking records is that there is nothing else on TV. Hopefully, by 2021 that won’t be the case, here are the details. Following the breakout success of The Last Dance, ESPN has ordered another docuseries about an athlete considered the greatest in his sport: Tom Brady. The nine-episode series, produced by Gotham Chopra’s Religion of Sports and Brady’s recently formed 199 Productions, is called Man in the Arena and will offer the quarterback’s first-hand accounts of pivotal moments in his career, including all nine of his Super Bowl appearances with the New England Patriots. It’s set to air in 2021. “Nine Super Bowl appearances over the course of 20 years is an achievement on an unmatched level. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Tom Brady as he reflects on each of those nine, season-long journeys and the pivotal moments that defined them,” said Connor Schell, executive vp content at ESPN. “Gotham Chopra is a highly skilled filmmaker who I am confident...