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Disney’s Encanto has become another animated sensation that people cannot stop talking about. From the music, to the family, and story line, the film has already become a timeless classic important to so many, including two-year-old Kenzo Brooks. This adorable Two-year-old’s reaction “to seeing himself” in Encanto is why representation matters. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kenzo B. (@katchingupwithkenzo) Kenzo recently went viral after his mom, Kaheisha Brand, took photos of her son, showing the remarkable resemblance between him and a character in the film named Antonio. She posted the photo on Instagram with the hashtag #representationmatters, and the photos went viral with everyone agreeing.“The image of him sitting and staring was actually the first picture I took. He seemed to be in awe, Brand told BuzzFeed in an exclusive interview. “He would stare at the screen and turn around smiling. The second picture is when he got up and just looked up at us smiling.”She continued, She continued, “It was the sweetest thing, so perfect! It made my heart smile to see how happy he was.”On Twitter, the photo has been retweeted over 83,000 times and has garnered close to 1 million likes. Kenzo even...